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Paperdoll Review is the place for paper dolls! From kids to collectors, there's something for everyone including classic movie star paper dolls, fashion paper dolls, paperdolls of families, children, historic figures, celebrities, ethnic costumes, vintage paper doll reproductions and so much more. Most are in the style of the old fashioned cut-outs, so they can be enjoyed as a beautiful collector's item or cut out and played with. Some are die-cut or punch-out, and we have a few paper play sets and coloring books. Plus we offer two specialty paper doll magazines about the nostalgia, art and fashion of paper dolls. Thanks for visiting!
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Item Name Date Expected
Classic Dancing Stars Paper Dolls 02/15/2017
Classic Singing Stars Paper Dolls 02/15/2017
Boarding School Paper Dolls 11/30/2016
Elaine Stewart 11/11/2016
Roller Rhythm Paper Dolls 11/11/2016
Sally Sandra and Sue Paper Dolls 11/11/2016
Betty Blue and Patty Pink Paper Dolls 11/11/2016
Children 'round the World Paper Dolls 11/11/2016
Augusta Dresses Up Paper Dolls to Color & Cut 11/01/2016
Pigtails Cutout Book 10/28/2016
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