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Enjoy Hollywood nostalgia! From vintage reproductions of stars such as Lana Turner and Rita Hayworth to stars of today, we're pleased to offer a wide variety of movie star and celebrity paper dolls.

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Hollywood's Greatest Year 1939 Hollywood's Golden Year

1939 Hollywood's Golden Year

Movie buff and fashion expert, artist David Wolfe turns back the calendar to 1939, the year considered the pinnacle of achievement in Hollywood...

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Hot stars from the movies! Action Stars Paper Dolls

Action Stars Paper Dolls

16 of the movies’ toughest men and women including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Bruce Willis, Sigourney...

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MGM's Famous Costume Designer Adrian, Hollywood Designer Paper Dolls

Adrian, Hollywood Designer Paper Dolls

The great MGM costume designer, Adrian, dressed Hollywood's most glamorous stars including Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Later, he also created...

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Classic Hollywood Movie Star Alice Faye Paper Doll

Alice Faye Paper Doll

Some of the prettiest paper doll books came out in the 1940s, and this Alice Faye book is no exception. The cover art, expertly drawn by Norman Mingo...

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Top Fashion Designs American Fashion Designers

American Fashion Designers

Great for paper doll collectors and lovers of fashion design, this book is a wonderful compilation fashions by America's top fashion designs...

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Classic Hollywood Paper Doll Ann Sheridan Paper Doll Book

Ann Sheridan Paper Doll Book

Two lovely Ann Sheridan dolls are included in this reproduction of the 1944 original. The costume pages include quirky commentary such as, Important...

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Hollywood's Technicolor Beauty Arlene Dahl Paper Dolls

Arlene Dahl Paper Dolls

In the 1950's, one star was high in the Hollywood firmament and hailed as the most beautiful woman on the screen. That was Arlene Dahl whose flaming...

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America's Little Darling Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

Reprinted from rare original paper doll published by The Saalfield Publishing Company in 1937. 2 dolls and 16 costumes plus toys and accessories, as...

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Hollywood's sultry star Ava Gardner Paper Dolls & Film Fashions

Ava Gardner Paper Dolls & Film Fashions

Ava Gardner, sultry star and unique beauty, is the newest vintage-style paper doll by David Wolfe! A seductive portrait and a trio of Ava dolls grace...

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Sexy sirens of '50s Films B-Movie Bombshells Paper Dolls

B-Movie Bombshells Paper Dolls

After the popularity of Gregg Nystrom's first paper doll book, Golden Age of Hollywood , we're pleased to present a new bevy of beauties in B-Movie...

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Pre-cut and ready for play! Bette Davis Die-Cut Paper Doll

Bette Davis Die-Cut Paper Doll

Reproduced from the 1942 Merrill book, this set features one doll and five costumes plus accessories. Doll is 9 inches high with stand.

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Hollywood's Legendary Star Bette Davis Star of Stars Paper Dolls

Bette Davis Star of Stars Paper Dolls

Beautiful, new paper doll celebrating the greatest drama queen of the movies, Bette Davis. This authorized book, a work of superlative artistry by...

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