Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 58


Model: Art Deco, Doris Day, Stewardess

Our lead article by Marilyn Henry and Judy Johnson focuses on the designs and paper dolls of the Art Deco era. Artist Eileen Rudisill Miller provides a charming two-page, full color Gatsby style paper doll. David Wolfe shines a spotlight on sunny Doris Day, her film career and paper dolls.

Jane Alfano Rasor tells us about the glamorous career of being an air hostess and shows us many stewardess of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Tamera Gerard tells us about the unusual subject matter of the Olde Deerfield Paper Doll set, printed 1919. And Faye Phillips introduces us to the charming crepe paper dress designs of Martha Davis. We also have a doll house tea party, our Readers Page and New Paper Doll Books Page.

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