All Dolled Up: Creating a Paper Fashion Wardrobe


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Learn how to make your own miniature paper doll fashions with this charming guide, which weaves together the tale of two spirited sisters and their dazzling wardrobe of vintage fashions. Costume designer Lauren George offers playful interpretations of authentic historical dress in her story of Reo and Lucille, who abandon their conventional lives in 1880s Detroit to join the circus — the first in a series of daring adventures. Each step of the detailed instructions is accompanied by a color photo that shows you how to create fabulous costumes for the pair as they travel across the country, working as entertainers aboard a Mississippi riverboat, celebrating Mardi Gras in New Orleans, performing with a Wild West show as well as at a New York City amusement park, exploring the Antarctic, joining a crew of stunt aviators, and ultimately returning to Detroit to help Harry Houdini expose fake spiritualists.

You don't need specialized skills for these projects... they are simple enough for beginners but sophisticated enough to intrigue experienced crafters. Each how-to section begins with a brief introduction that places the costumes in historical context and includes a materials list, photographic guide, and ideas for further research. You'll learn how to create workable templates, prepare pattern pieces, and embellish the dainty outfits with shoes, handbags, gloves, hats, and jewelry. Materials, consisting mostly of cut paper and flourishes of beads, lace, and ribbon, are inexpensive and easy to find. Plenty of helpful suggestions include tips for cultivating your own style and adapting the techniques you've learned to create original designs.

Includes two paper dolls and four pages of patterns to create your own 3D paper wardrobe for Reo and Lucille. Whether a crafter or not, this book is a beautiful keepsake, filled with beautiful photos and charming stories. More of Lauren's work can be enjoyed in OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio Issue magazine, issue 116.

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