Vintage Paper Doll Reproductions

Enjoy the nostalgia of paper dolls! Vintage paper dolls are a favorite among collectors. Here, we're pleased to offer dozens of beautiful reproductions by a variety of publishers. Bring back the memories of paperdolls and paper cutouts from a time when paper play was a favorite pastime. Collect your favorite subjects, fashion eras or childhood paper dolls. Introduce paper dolls to kids for a great way to learn about people and fashion throughout history, and chance to play the old-fashioned way... with paper, scissors and imagination.

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Wonderful classic fashions! A Busy Day with Peg and Dot Paper Dolls

A Busy Day with Peg and Dot Paper Dolls

A wonderful book by Hilda Miloche with 2 gals and 50+ fashion items for a busy day of school, shopping, ballet class, tennis, swimming and a formal...

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Round-the-world clothes Airline Hostess and Pilot Paper Dolls

Airline Hostess and Pilot Paper Dolls

Travel back to 1962, a time when travelers would dress up rather than dress down for air travel. In this colorful reproduction, a handsome pilot and...

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Classic Hollywood Movie Star Alice Faye Paper Doll

Alice Faye Paper Doll

Some of the prettiest paper doll books came out in the 1940s, and this Alice Faye book is no exception. The cover art, expertly drawn by Norman Mingo...

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Classic movie star treasure! All Star Movie Cut Outs

All Star Movie Cut Outs

Produce your own movies with this rare treasure from 1934. The dolls represent real stars from the era, as well as the director and cameraman. There...

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Doll with stand and cute clothes Anne A Paper Doll

Anne A Paper Doll

A playmate for Sally and Helen, Anne (10" high) has a wardrobe of cute, colorful clothes for school, dress-up and play. 6 page, 8 1/2 x 11 inch...

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America's Little Darling Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

Authentic Shirley Temple Paper Dolls

Reprinted from rare original paper doll published by The Saalfield Publishing Company in 1937. 2 dolls and 16 costumes plus toys and accessories, as...

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Best friends and cute clothes B is for Betsy Paper Dolls

B is for Betsy Paper Dolls

In 1954 when this paper doll was first published, little girls truly were sugar and spice. Blonde, blue-eyed Betsy and her best friend, adorable...

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Vintage magazine paper doll Barbara May

Barbara May

Pretty little Barbara May has four outfits and a dolly to love in this 1922 magazine paper doll. One 8.5 x 11 inch page in plastic sleeve.

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Adorable Queen Holden Paper Doll Best Friends

Best Friends

Best friends, Kate and Charles, are around 9 1/2” high and have 31 darling outfits. There are even little outfits for their toys! This charming...

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As sweet as can be! Betty Blue and Patty Pink Paper Dolls

Betty Blue and Patty Pink Paper Dolls

Dress four sweet stand-up dolls in 16 old-fashioned outfits awash with ruffles, ribbons and bows--all in shades of pink and blue. There are 30...

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Hollywood's WWII Pin-Up Girl Betty Grable Paper Dolls

Betty Grable Paper Dolls

One of Hollywood's best known stars and pinup queen, Betty Grable, was the subject of many paper doll books. This 1943 Whitman reproduction is a...

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Matching clothes for sisters Big n Little Sister Paper Dolls

Big n Little Sister Paper Dolls

Back in 1951 when this paper doll book was originally published, big and little sisters liked to dress alike. The fashions of that time were always...

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