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Founded in 1984, OPDAG, The Original Paper Doll Artists Guild, is an organization of people who exchange ideas to encourage the art and hobby of paper dolls in the world today. Our quarterly magazine is filled with paper dolls by today's artists, and we cover topics such as fashion history, artist profiles and drawing tips. For those interested in drawing paper dolls, this is a great place to show your work. Both amateur and professional art is displayed at no cost to members.

Collectors of paper dolls have a unique opportunity to see lots of paper dolls shown exclusively in our pages. Many of our artist members sell their work and offer limited edition paper dolls, both in black & white and color reproductions. And for those who enjoy fashion, our publication is a feast for the eyes!

Starting with issue 95, our issues are now printed in FULL COLOR, making Paper Doll Studio even more fabulous and collectible! For more information, article reprints, and paper doll artists, visit www.opdag.com

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Latin America OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 77

OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 77

Winter 2004 Issue 77 - Latin America. A great issue full of paper dolls showcasing costumes from Latin American Countries. Kwei-lin Lum provides an...

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Big & Beautiful OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 75

OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 75

Summer 2003 Issue 75 - Big & Beautiful. A great issue celebrating the plus-sized gals with a wonderful selection of paper dolls and a dress-a-doll....

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Alice in Wonderland OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio issue 72

OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio issue 72

Fall 2002 Issue 72 - Alice in Wonderland. This issue has a wonderland of paper dolls inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Our artists did a fabulous job...

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22 paper dolls by 22 artists Paper Doll Artists Gallery

Paper Doll Artists Gallery

A very special collection of paper dolls by artists of today. Sponsored by the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild (OPDAG), 22 paper dolls by 22...

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