Storybook Paper Dolls

Storybooks, nursery rhymes and fables capture our hearts and imaginations. Here, we offer several paper doll books celebrating the subjects and styles of memorable stories and characters.

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Charming storybook dolls Madeline Paper Dolls

Madeline Paper Dolls

Based on the characters created by Ludwig Bemelmans, this is a charming paper doll book featuring Madeline and Pepito, straight from the old house in...

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Cute storybook characters My Storybook Paper Dolls

My Storybook Paper Dolls

Ten cute-as-a-button dolls and a colorful assortment of outfits allow youngsters to act out scenes from "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "The Three...

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Classic Mystery Characters Nancy Drew and Her Friends Paper Dolls

Nancy Drew and Her Friends Paper Dolls

A companion to Nancy Drew Classic Paper Dolls, this delightful second edition features Nancy and her sleuthing sidekicks. There is Bess Marvin,...

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Favorite Girl Detective Nancy Drew Classic Paper Dolls

Nancy Drew Classic Paper Dolls

Since she first was introduced in 1930, Nancy Drew, girl detective, has been cleverly solving mysteries in a popular series of books. And now, Nancy...

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Fairy tale dress-up fun! Once Upon a Time Paper Dolls

Once Upon a Time Paper Dolls

Fairy tale dreams can come true with this pretty paper doll book featuring three dolls—a pretty princess, handsome prince and evil queen—and 16...

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Pre-cut and ready for play Raggedy Ann die-cut

Raggedy Ann die-cut

A die cut version of the beloved 1944 paper doll by Ethel Hays. One 4-inch doll and five costumes.

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Charming kids and clothes Storybook Seasons Paper Dolls

Storybook Seasons Paper Dolls

Once upon a time, long before video games, children celebrated the seasons of the year with eager anticipation and glee. Now those more innocent...

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Charming storybook costumes Storyland Paper Dolls

Storyland Paper Dolls

An absolutely delightful storybook collection by Hilda Miloche with 7 dolls (Goldilocks, Heidi, Huck Finn, Gretel, Hansel, Gulliver and Alice) and...

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Fairy tale story and paper doll The Sad Little Princess Paper Doll & Storybook

The Sad Little Princess Paper Doll & Storybook

This is the story of Feodora, a beautiful, yet melancholy tsarina (a Russian princess), and the quest of her adoring father, the benevolent Tsar, who...

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More characters from Oz The World of Oz Paper Dolls

The World of Oz Paper Dolls

Based on classic illustrations by John R. Neill, Dorothy and her original three friends are joined by Jack Pumpkinhead, Tik-Tok, the Patchwork Girl,...

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Based on L. Frank Baum Classic Wizard of Oz Paper Dolls

Wizard of Oz Paper Dolls

Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Cowardly Lion, and other characters from the original novel by L. Frank Baum and illustrated by W.W....

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Storybook Characters OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 84

OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Magazine issue 84

Winter 2006 Issue 84 - Storybook Characters. Memorable storybooks are represented as paper dolls including Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Beauty...

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