Family Fashions

Enjoy the fashions of the past, decade by decade. What did Grandma wear in the 1940s? What were the fashions like at the turn of the century? What did kids wear in the 1920s? How much polyester was worn by families of the 1970s?

Tom Tierney's American Family Paper Doll series is a great way to visit those fashions with a whole family of dolls in each book. Reference notes are included for each outfit as well as a general overview of the timeframe.

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A polyester paradise of fashion! American Family of the 1970s Paper Dolls

American Family of the 1970s Paper Dolls

From the era that gave the world an energy crisis, runaway inflation, punk rock, and "Saturday Night Fever" comes this vibrant paper doll collection....

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Fashions of the Frontier American Pioneer Family Paper Dolls

American Pioneer Family Paper Dolls

Three generations of American pioneers with 9 dolls and 36 costumes plus a covered wagon! Includes informative introduction and costume notes....

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Historic Family Fashions Colonial Family Paper Dolls

Colonial Family Paper Dolls

31 meticulously researched costumes for a family of 8 spanning 3 generations plus fashion notes. By Tom Tierney.

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Nostalgic paper play Fun with Grandma Paper Dolls

Fun with Grandma Paper Dolls

When Grandma was a little girl, she played with paper dolls. Now, a new paper doll book from Paper Studio Press makes it easy for Grandma to pass...

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Fun retro westernware! The Ranch Family Paper Dolls

The Ranch Family Paper Dolls

Yeehaw! The whole family has fun on the ranch! Dress Mom, Dad, Lisa, Bud, Holly and Sis in a colorful western wardrobe, beautifully detailed with...

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Beautiful Victorian Fashions Victorian Family Paper Dolls

Victorian Family Paper Dolls

Beautiful fashions for a family of four, beautifully illustrated by vintage fashion expert Brenda Sneathen Mattox.

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Magazine paper doll series Who Lives Here?

Who Lives Here?

A paper doll storybook series from the pages of Jack and Jill Magazine , 1946-47. Each set of paper dolls comes with a little story riddle of “Who...

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