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Paper dolls based on favorite characters from classic books.

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Classic Literature Paper Dolls Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls

Pride and Prejudice Paper Dolls

Jane Austen's classic tale comes to life in this Pride and Prejudice paper doll book by Brenda Sneathen Mattox with 8 dolls and 48 period costumes...

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Shakespeare's Sweethearts Romeo and Juliet Paper Dolls

Romeo and Juliet Paper Dolls

Four dolls depict ardent Romeo, lovely Juliet, sympathetic Friar Laurence, and Juliet's jolly Nurse. Their wardrobe, consisting of 24 colorful and...

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Sticker fashion fun! Shakespeare Sticker Paper Doll

Shakespeare Sticker Paper Doll

Dress dozens of Shakespeare's tragic and comic characters with 160+ fashions, accessories and props from Twelfth Night, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's...

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Favorite Literary Sleuth Sherlock Holmes Paper Dolls

Sherlock Holmes Paper Dolls

Sherlock Holmes and 5 colleagues and adversaries: Dr. Watson, Professor Moriarty, Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard, Mrs. Hudson, and Irene Adler....

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More characters from Oz The World of Oz Paper Dolls

The World of Oz Paper Dolls

Based on classic illustrations by John R. Neill, Dorothy and her original three friends are joined by Jack Pumpkinhead, Tik-Tok, the Patchwork Girl,...

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Clever take on the classics Twisted Fairy Tales

Twisted Fairy Tales

Clever artist Kwei-lin Lum weaves a twisted tale for Snow White, the Prince, Hansel and Greta, the Wolf, Three Bears, Sprites, and the Evil Fairy...

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