Brides and Weddings

Paper dolls get married! Pretty brides dress in contemporary designer dresses, historic bridal fashion, Hollywood bridal gowns, and bridal attire from around the world. A fun and unique shower gift for the bride-to-be. Or a special gift for the flower girl!

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1920s Fashions Elite Styles of 1924

Elite Styles of 1924

Lovely 1920s paper doll by Judy M Johnson with a frock dress and bridal gown highlighting the fashions of 1924. One full color page presented in...

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Beautiful Bridal Gowns Dream Wedding Paper Dolls

Dream Wedding Paper Dolls

Two captivating couples are ready to say "I do" in this pretty, glittery paper doll book illustrated by Eileen Rudisill Miller. With five fabulous...

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Bridal Gowns of a Movie Star Movie Star Bride

Movie Star Bride

The wedding gowns of a legendary Hollywood star, married many times. A traditional white bridal gown followed by an array of nuptial styles ranging...

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Bridesmaid Paper Doll Sarah the Best Bridesmaid

Sarah the Best Bridesmaid

Set in the antebellum South, a story accompanies the paper doll of Sarah and the exciting events leading up to her sister's wedding. One stand-up...

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Classic Forties Fashions Paper Doll Wedding

Paper Doll Wedding

Wartime weddings brought much-needed moments of happiness and were joyfully celebrated. This lovely, romantic paper doll book was originally...

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Cultural Costumes Brides from Around the World Paper Dolls

Brides from Around the World Paper Dolls

4 dolls and 28 costumes depicting traditional bridal attire from Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America. Illustrated by Tom Tierney.

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Delightful art by Hilda Miloche! The Paper Doll Wedding - A Little Golden Book

The Paper Doll Wedding - A Little Golden Book

What could be more nostalgic than reading a Little Golden Book or cutting out paper dolls? Here, we have both! An authentic Little Golden Book...

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Flower inspired bridal gowns Floral Brides Paper Dolls

Floral Brides Paper Dolls

Floral Brides by Brenda Sneathen Mattox marries beautiful bridal gowns with the flowers that inspired their design. Eight exquisite wedding gowns and...

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Harry and Meghan Courtship Royal Wedding Paper Dolls

Royal Wedding Paper Dolls

Celebrate the whirlwind romance of Harry and Meghan! Dress the two dolls in outfits for dates and outings, public appearances and casual clothes for...

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Historical Wedding Gowns Victorian Wedding Dress

Victorian Wedding Dress

The American obsession with weddings and wedding gowns is evident at least as early as 1850, when the March issue of Godey's Lady's Book included a...

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Lovely Paper Doll by Rudy Miller The Wedding Paper Dolls - Harry and Meghan

The Wedding Paper Dolls - Harry and Meghan

Commemorate the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, complete with fashions worn to pre-wedding events. Highlights include the bridal...

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Movie brides & bridal gowns Hollywood Gets Married Paper Dolls

Hollywood Gets Married Paper Dolls

Here come the brides, 3 pretty paper dolls to model the eight pages of romantic wedding gowns worn by movie stars in Golden Age films and in their...

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