Fashion and Glamour

Paper dolls featuring glamorous gals and their fabulous fashions.

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Glamorous brides & bridal gowns Hollywood Gets Married Paper Dolls

Hollywood Gets Married Paper Dolls

Here come the brides, 3 pretty paper dolls to model the eight pages of romantic wedding gowns worn by movie stars in Golden Age films and in their...

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Egyptian movie costumes Hollywood Goes to Egypt

Hollywood Goes to Egypt

Since the very beginning of the movie industry, Hollywood has been fascinated by Ancient Egypt, by tales of glorified rulers, slaves and mummies....

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Memorable Movie Fashions Hollywood Goes to Paris

Hollywood Goes to Paris

Paris fashion starring in great vintage movies is the inspiration for this glamorous new paper doll book from Paper Studio Press. Artist David Wolfe...

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Gorgeous Classic Movie Costumes Hollywood Style of the 30s, 40s and 50s Paper Dolls

Hollywood Style of the 30s, 40s and 50s Paper Dolls

Fashion expert, David Wolfe, has created a gorgeous compilation of clothes representing 25 films from Hollywood's Golden Era such as "Now, Voyager,"...

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Hollywood Actress & Director Ida Lupino Paper Dolls

Ida Lupino Paper Dolls

Jim Howard's paper doll tribute to Ida Lupino, popular movie actress of the '30s and '40s who went on to become a pioneer female director in both...

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Fabulous Fashions! Jim Howard's Fashion Illustration Paper Dolls

Jim Howard's Fashion Illustration Paper Dolls

This special paper doll book offers a unique slice of fashion history through the talents of Jim Howard, one of the most famous fashion illustrators...

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Exotic Parisian star Josephine Baker Paper Dolls

Josephine Baker Paper Dolls

She was born in poverty in St. Louis, but became a Parisian star in the Roaring Twenties and remained a show biz legend forever. Josephine Baker was...

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Queen of the Comics! Katy Keene Paper Dolls - Limited Edition

Katy Keene Paper Dolls - Limited Edition

Our favorite fashionable queen of the comics, Katy Keene, is back! As our most requested subject, we're thrilled to offer this special anniversary...

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Memorable fashions in red Ladies in Red Paper Dolls

Ladies in Red Paper Dolls

Four pretty paper dolls model a fabulous collection of red fashions worn by actresses, singers, performers, royalty and other high-profile women....

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Hollywood's Sweater Girl Lana Turner Paper Doll

Lana Turner Paper Doll

One of the most beautiful blondes on the silver screen, Lana Turner made hearts flutter. This reproduction paper doll from 1945 contains lavish film...

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The Lovely Leslie Caron Leslie Caron Paper Dolls

Leslie Caron Paper Dolls

Hollywood's favorite ballerina dances her way into the pages of this beautiful new paper doll book by Marilyn Henry. This authorized edition featured...

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Extraordinary gowns! Little Ladies of Fashion Paper Dolls

Little Ladies of Fashion Paper Dolls

Norma Lu Meehan, the talented paper doll artist whose specialty is historic costume has created a unique book commemorating a collection of...

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