1940s Fashions

The wartime decade was a challenging time when paper dolls offered a welcome escape into one’s imagination. Fashion history during this period was interesting, reflecting the utilitarian styles, the strong shoulders and some frivolous accessories. Paper dolls of this time are both reprints of genuine vintage books and/or newly created ‘40s subjects including military uniforms, romantic brides, teen-agers and children. These years reflect the peak popularity of movies and glamorous stars. No wonder the '40s are considered "Golden Age of Paper Dolls."

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High fashions by Jim Howard 1947 Vogue Paper Dolls

1947 Vogue Paper Dolls

Famous fashion illustrator Jim Howard presents a gorgeous collection of high style fashions of 1947. 1 glamorous model and 9 fashions including a...

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Advertising paper doll Beauty on a Budget

Beauty on a Budget

RKO star Marilyn Maxwell promotes Quadriga Cloth, “the cotton fabric all America knows,” in this marvelous retro paper doll ad from 1948. 1...

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Classic 1940s styles Boarding School Paper Dolls

Boarding School Paper Dolls

Boarding School Paper Dolls, a 1942 reproduction, is not only a charming bit of nostalgia, it is a reminder of a bygone lifestyle. Six sweet girls,...

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Classic Comic Paper Doll Style Comics Cuties Fashions for All Seasons Paper Dolls

Comics Cuties Fashions for All Seasons Paper Dolls

This fun book brings back the days of the 1930s and '40s when newspapers would include a paper doll as part of a comic strip. Artist Ted Menten,...

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High Fashions of the 1940s COUTURE: Victorious Fashions of the 1940s

COUTURE: Victorious Fashions of the 1940s

Introducing the latest edition of Jim Howard's COUTURE series of paper doll books beautifully presenting high fashion, decade by decade. The 1940s...

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Pulp Fiction Babe Dangerous Doll

Dangerous Doll

Alluring model with costumes inspired by pulp fiction novels of 1949-1952. 4-page set by Judy M Johnson.

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1940s Fashions Fabulous 40s Paper Doll

Fabulous 40s Paper Doll

A fun gal with fun 40s fashions by Judy M Johnson. 2 pages presented in archival plastic sleeve. The 8 1/2 x 11 format is great for cutting, framing,...

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Femme Fatale Film Fashions Femme Fatales of Film Noir Paper Dolls

Femme Fatales of Film Noir Paper Dolls

Artist and movie buff, David Wolfe, turns back the cinematic clock to the 1940s and 50s for a paper doll book dedicated to the glamorous and often...

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Retro Styles for Teens First Date Paper Dolls

First Date Paper Dolls

Times have changed a lot since this delightful paper doll was first issued in 1944. Dating has changed a lot since then, too. Today's youngsters will...

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On screen beauty Gene Tierney Paper Dolls

Gene Tierney Paper Dolls

One of the most beautiful stars ever in films, Gene Tierney proved also to be a stellar actress and often wore fashion designs that matched her...

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40s fashions for 5 friends Girlfriends Paper Dolls

Girlfriends Paper Dolls

This charmingly nostalgic 1944 Whitman reproduction features five young girlfriends—Billie, Betty, Bunny, Susie and Kitty—and over 65 fashion...

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Hollywood's Great Leading Ladies Glamorous Movie Stars of the Forties

Glamorous Movie Stars of the Forties

Great for collectors of paper dolls and enthusiasts of costume design and film history, this book features some of the most popular Hollywood stars...

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