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The paper doll format is a unique way to present subjects of all kinds, and sometimes those subjects are clever, unusual or just plain unexpected. This selection offers a fun variety of paper dolls that range from spooky to quirky to clever.

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Steampunk Paper Dolls! A Steampunk Tale: Paper Dolls and Storybook

A Steampunk Tale: Paper Dolls and Storybook

Imaginative artist Charlotte Whatley’s new combination paper doll and storybook brings a trio of eccentric characters to life as she spins a tale...

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Steampunk style Alice Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Alice gets edgy with this modern interpretation of characters from the childhood classic. Charlotte Whatley illustrated the 16 dolls and in the...

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Whimsical, colorful paper doll Day of the Dead Paper Dolls

Day of the Dead Paper Dolls

A wonderfully clever paper doll book representing the Mexico's Day of the Dead celebration, honoring the memory of the departed. Illustrated by...

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Fun mix of fashions Grav3yardGirl Paper Dolls

Grav3yardGirl Paper Dolls

Here's a fun collection of clothes from the YouTube style sensation, Bunny Meyer, aka grav3yardgirl. Illustrated by Ted Menten, there are two fashion...

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Scary Movie Characters Great Horror Movie Villains Paper Dolls

Great Horror Movie Villains Paper Dolls

Inside this new paper doll book by Erin A. Ellis, you’ll find creepy characters and vulnerable victims from Psycho, The Shining, Misery, Friday the...

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104 Retro Fun Fashions! Kitchen Kitsch Paper Dolls

Kitchen Kitsch Paper Dolls

It's time for a retro paper doll party! Put on your cat-eye glasses and pick an outfit from one of eight kitschy wardrobes: Rockin' Rockets, Country...

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Famous Author dress up Literary Greats Paper Dolls by Tim Foley

Literary Greats Paper Dolls by Tim Foley

Literary Greats Paper Dolls by artist Tim Foley depicts 35 dolls, each a famous author, to dress as characters from their best-known works. Sir...

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Cute, colorful kitty cats! Lucky Cats Paper Dolls

Lucky Cats Paper Dolls

Let these lucky cats work their magic for you! Originated in Japan, the image of a cat with raised paw is a symbol of prosperity, and this clever...

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Classic Holiday Movies! Merry Movie Christmas

Merry Movie Christmas

Enjoy Christmas classics year-round with this heart-warming collection by David Wolfe. This special edition celebrates nine Christmas movies with 12...

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Pin-up poses as paper dolls Naughty Girls Paper Dolls

Naughty Girls Paper Dolls

Artist Brenda Sneathen Mattox recreates the pin-up look of the ‘40s and ‘50s paper doll style. Five dolls and 35 costumes represent iconic pin-up...

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Funky version of a classic Peter Pan Paper Dolls

Peter Pan Paper Dolls

Artist Charlotte Whatley gives Peter Pan a steampunk attitude in a clever combination of Victorian and sci-fi styles. Includes paper dolls of Wendy,...

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Cute outfits for dogs and cats! Puppy Kitty Cut Outs

Puppy Kitty Cut Outs

These are the busiest little puppies and kitties! Beautifully illustrated by Florence Salter, there are outfits for golf, motorbike riding, tennis,...

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