Cool and Quirky

The paper doll format is a unique way to present subjects of all kinds, and sometimes those subjects are clever, unusual or just plain unexpected. This selection offers a fun variety of paper dolls that range from spooky to quirky to clever.

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Horror Film Fun Scream Queens Paper Dolls

Scream Queens Paper Dolls

A nifty collector’s item for fans of horror films, this book features dolls of 16 actresses, each with one movie outfit, who have appeared in some...

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Glorious celestial costumes Signs of the Zodiac Paper Dolls

Signs of the Zodiac Paper Dolls

Star-gazing with paper dolls! Artist Sandra Vanderpool has taken paper doll star quality into a whole new direction. Star signs! She has created an...

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Inventive, intriguing fashions Steampunk Paper Dolls by Ramona Szczerba

Steampunk Paper Dolls by Ramona Szczerba

Transform these otherworldly paper dolls into a wild array of steampunk characters including Arctic explorer, vampire hunter, airship mechanic and...

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Saucy Steampunk Fashions Steampunk Vixens Paper Dolls

Steampunk Vixens Paper Dolls

Dress these sexy spitfires in glamorous steampunk style! Four alluring paper dolls and their 28 fantastic costumes will captivate steampunk fans and...

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Elegant Gowns for 4 Dolls Victorian Vixens Paper Dolls

Victorian Vixens Paper Dolls

Three alluring ladies wear 20 elegant gowns of the Victorian era, beautifully illustrated by Ted Menten. Inspired by the TV series, Penny Dreadful ,...

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