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Paper dolls of kids with clothes for activities such as school, play, sports, sleep overs, parties and dances.

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Exquisitely painted costumes Old Fashioned Children Paper Dolls

Old Fashioned Children Paper Dolls

Lushly illustrated by Evelyn Gathings, this paper doll book captures the Victorian era with beautifully detailed costumes, fancy accessories and...

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America's Little Darling Original Shirley Temple Paper Doll

Original Shirley Temple Paper Doll

Dolls and clothes reprinted from the very first Shirley Temple paper doll book published in 1934. Includes 4 figures and 30 outfits: party dress,...

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Color, Cut and Dress! Paper Dolls to Color & Cut

Paper Dolls to Color & Cut

Coloring books are the current craze, and paper dolls are forever fun. Artist L. Hoerner has combined those two creative pastimes in a brand new...

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Cute girls and their pets Paper Pals Paper Dolls

Paper Pals Paper Dolls

From the colorful imagination of L. Hoerner, comes this charming paper doll collection with over 100+ fashions, accessories and toys for 8 little...

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Classic clothes for kids Pigtails Cutout Book

Pigtails Cutout Book

Six pigtailed girls—Margie, Barbie, Nancy, Susie, Janie and Dottie—have lots of cute dresses, dress-up costumes, outdoor coats, and pajamas for a...

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Sticker paper doll fun! Puppy & Pal Dress Up Sticker Paper Dolls

Puppy & Pal Dress Up Sticker Paper Dolls

A cute little girl loves to play dress-up with her adorable puppy. Together they can wear matching hats, shirts, booties, scarves, and more. And...

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Kitschy collectible paper doll Roller Rhythm Paper Dolls

Roller Rhythm Paper Dolls

Hot jive, be alive! You’re on the beam... dream. You’re as groovy as a movie! These are just a few of the kitschy catch phrases in this fun 1944...

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Doll with stand and cute clothes Sally A Paper Doll

Sally A Paper Doll

A larger size doll, 10 inches tall, this cute little girl has a darling wardrobe. Her little panda has clothes, too! A companion to Anne, A Paper...

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Charming, classic wardrobe Sally Sandra and Sue Paper Dolls

Sally Sandra and Sue Paper Dolls

Play paper dolls with three 9 1/2 inch dolls and more than 40 fashions, accessories, toys and props. This 1955 Merrill reproduction offers...

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Bridesmaid Paper Doll Sarah the Best Bridesmaid

Sarah the Best Bridesmaid

Set in the antebellum South, a story accompanies the paper doll of Sarah and the exciting events leading up to her sister's wedding. One stand-up...

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Scandinavian Folk Costumes Scandinavian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls

Scandinavian Girl and Boy Paper Dolls

2 dolls; 32 traditional, accurately detailed folk costumes. Full-color renderings of a Norwegian bridal ensemble, Finnish Lapp outfits with colorful...

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Super cute vintage clothes! School Friends Paper Dolls

School Friends Paper Dolls

Remember the days when kids dressed up for school? You won't find pajama pants or sweatshirts in this delightful 1950s reproduction paper doll book....

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