Magazine Paper Dolls

Some of the most coveted paper dolls come from magazines and paper dolls of the early 20th century. Here, we offer a variety of booklets and sheets from The Women’s Home Companion, Pictorial Review, Child Life and others, compiled and restored by Judy M Johnson.

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Vintage magazine paper doll Barbara May

Barbara May

Pretty little Barbara May has four outfits and a dolly to love in this 1922 magazine paper doll. One 8.5 x 11 inch page in plastic sleeve.

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Cute magazine paper doll Little Margie Paper Doll

Little Margie Paper Doll

Sweet little girl and her toys from Little Folks Magazine, Dec. 1913. Color added by Judy M Johnson. 1 page.

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Authentic 20s fashions Naydene of the 20s

Naydene of the 20s

Chic doll and clothes assembled by Judy M Johnson from 1920s magazines. 1 page.

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Authentic 50s fashions Catalog Fashions of the 50s

Catalog Fashions of the 50s

Judy M Johnson adapted 1950s catalog clothes to fit her chic 1950s doll. A pretty 3-page set. Includes original prices.

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Deco styles Lydia Fraser Set

Lydia Fraser Set

Sleek styles of the 1930s printed in tones of black and red in this 4-page cardstock set from the Canadian Home Journal .

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Vintage catalog paper doll Mail Order Fashions of 1934

Mail Order Fashions of 1934

Compiled from the 1934 editions of Chicago Mail Order Co. and Bella Hess catalogues. Assembled as a paper doll by Judy M Johnson, including original...

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Cute magazine series Margaret Hays Collection

Margaret Hays Collection

A darling collection of paper dolls from 1913 issues of Little Folks Magazine . Illustrated by Margaret G. Hays (sister of Grace Drayton), there are...

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Front and back dolls Dottie Darling Paper Dolls

Dottie Darling Paper Dolls

A super cute collection by Corinne Pauli Waterall. Dottie Darling is joined by 7 friends, each is a double sided doll with front-and-back clothes. 8...

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Vintage magazine paper dolls Funny Little Paper Dolls

Funny Little Paper Dolls

A variety of Deco era paper doll pages including Polly Ann and the Five Pigs, Country Mice, Flossie’s Thanksgiving, Little Red Riding Hood, Three...

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Jack and Jill magazine series The Paper People of Cherry Road

The Paper People of Cherry Road

A charming series from Jack and Jill Magazine, 1943-44 representing eight families living on a little street called Cherry Road. Stories of the...

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Vintage magazine paper dolls Fern Bisel Peat Paper Dolls

Fern Bisel Peat Paper Dolls

15 charming children paper dolls from 1930s-40s pages of Children’s Playmate magazine. Illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat. Presented in a 10-page 8 1/2...

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Maurieta Wellman Family Series Children's Activities Collection

Children's Activities Collection

A super collection of 11 paper dolls from Children's Activities Magazine , 1939-1941, illustrated by Maurietta Wellman and colored by Judy M Johnson....

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