OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Issue 121 - Dior

OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Issue 121 - Dior
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  • Model: Tribute to Dior!
A glorious paper doll tribute to Christian Dior! More than three dozen artists have represented the legendary designer, from his "New Look" collection to red carpet gowns of today. Included are paper doll examples of the "Bar" suit from 1947, the beautiful "Junan" dress introduced in 1950, and the A-Line and Y-Line styles of 1955.

This big full color issue includes 20 Dior-inspired paper dolls plus 45 costumes for our Dior Dress-a-Doll! Plus David Wolfe provides a wonderful retrospective of “Dior, the Man and the Legacy.” We also have a report of the Seattle Paper Doll Convention from Linda Ocasio and Valerie Keller and reference book suggestions from our readers. Cover art by Jennie Rambo, back cover art by Julie Allen Matthews.


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