PD Review Magazine issue 83 - Fashion Models, Katy Keene, more!

  • Model: Our Biggest Issue Ever!
Get ready for 64 pages of paper doll bliss in our biggest issue ever! Our Fashion Models theme inspired terrific art and articles, and our tribute to Katy Keene is epic!

The beloved comic by Bill Woggon has a special place in the hearts of paper doll collectors, and we get to learn all about Katy and her gang through Rod Labbe's in-depth article plus special memories and interesting tidbits from our readers. In the spirit of the Katy Keene comics, we've included a Katy dress-a-doll. You'll be dazzled by the 70 outfits created by more than 30 artists, beautifully displayed on 11 pages.

Plus we have a wonderful display of Fashion Model paper dolls including André Leon Talley by Julie Allen Matthews, Twiggy by Ralph Hodgdon, Jim Howard's Carmen Dell'Orefice, Karen Hunter's tribute to Bob Mackie, and a glamorous Fashionista by Eileen Rudisill Miller.

Vintage model paper doll books are featured in David Wolfe's story about modeling in the 1960s, including a between-the-covers look at the 1942 Powers Models paper doll book. Lorna Thomopoulos reveals the scandal of John Singer Sargent's famous portrait of Madame X. Valerie Keller spotlights '60s model Donyale Luna, and Lorna shares her collection of 1990s model magazine paper dolls.

Our featured artist, Renaldo Barnette, couldn't be more perfect for this issue. You'll get to learn all about his dynamic career in fashion, including his work as a paper doll artist.

All this for just $10! Back issues are limited, so be sure to add this extra special edition to your collection!


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