Betty Grable Paper Dolls 1943 reproduction

  • Model: Hollywood's WWII Pin-Up Girl
One of Hollywood's best known stars and pinup queen, Betty Grable, was the subject of many paper doll books. This 1943 Whitman reproduction is a favorite among collectors. The red, white and blue covers feature pretty dolls, and the inside pages are nicely designed with well-drawn and painted clothes. Her wardrobe includes casual wear, pretty printed dresses, evening gowns and period costumes from Betty's early 1940s movies including Coney Island, Tin Pan Alley and Song of the Island, Two dolls and eight clothing pages.

A star biography is included on the inside back cover, written by acclaimed fashion forecaster, David Wofe.

A great gift for Betty Grable fans and collectors of Hollywood nostalgia and WWII memorabilia.


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