Paperdoll Review FULL COLOR Print Catalog

Paperdoll Review FULL COLOR Print Catalog
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  • Model: Includes 2 free paper doll pages
Want to shop for paper dolls the old fashioned way? Our 64-page print catalog contains 400+ items with full color photos and descriptions of paper dolls of all kinds: Classic Movie Star Paper Dolls, Royal Paper Dolls, Fashion History, Storybook Characters, Baby Paper Dolls, Family, Holidays, Historic Figures, Hollywood Costumes, Cultural Costumes, Vintage Paper Doll Reproductions and much more. We are proud to represent dozens of publishers and contemporary artists including Jim Howard, Tom Tierney, Marilyn Henry, David Wolfe, Norma Lu Meehan, Brenda Sneathen Mattox, plus newcomers such as Cory Jensen, Andrea Helen Smith, Guillem Medina and Julie Allen Matthews.

Our current Catalog No. 27 is our BEST EVER! You'll want to look at it again and again!


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