Girlfriends Paper Dolls, 1944 reproduction - just a few left!

  • Model: 40s fashions for 5 friends
This charmingly nostalgic 1944 Whitman reproduction features five young girlfriends—Billie, Betty, Bunny, Susie and Kitty—and over 65 fashion items to cut out and dress on the dolls.

The 8 clothing pages offer quirky categories: Easy on the Eye, Smooth Numbers, Exciting Ensembles, Torrid Tempo, Strictly Cuban, Meeting the Moment, Sharp Selections and Outdoor Oomph. They add up to a vintage wardrobe for every occasion in a girl's life during the war years, from Victory gardening to dancing at the USO. Classic 40s fashions include tailored ensembles, evening gowns, beachwear, winter wear, Latin inspired ensembles and even a cowgirl outfit.

A great collectible that illustrates how fashion fared on the home front during World War II.  It is a trip down memory lane for some and a history lesson in style for others.


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