Little Ladies of Fashion Paper Dolls

Little Ladies of Fashion Paper Dolls
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  • Model: Extraordinary gowns!
Norma Lu Meehan, the talented paper doll artist whose specialty is historic costume has created a unique book commemorating a collection of antique-like fashion dolls. The dolls were designed and executed by John Burbidge, head bridal designer for Priscilla of Boston. He calls his exquisite little ladies “Les Petites Dames de Mode.” They are housed in the Ventfort Hall Musuem in Lenox, MA.

This new double-sized paper doll book is a labor of love by Norma Lu with 16 pages of outfits rendered so meticulously that you can almost feel the luxurious fabrics and extravagant trims of the Victorian and Edwardian eras. There are gorgeous ball gowns, smart daytime outfits, a wedding gown and a negligee, all captured with exacting detail that will delight serious fashion historians and charm paper doll collectors. Each outfit is annotated.

Four Little Lady paper dolls represent the fashion epochs featured in Mr. Burbidge’s extraordinary collection of contemporary creations that are easily mistaken for genuine antiques. This book is a must for fashion history enthusiasts.


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