B is for Betsy Paper Dolls

  • Model: Best friends and cute clothes
In 1954 when this paper doll was first published, little girls truly were sugar and spice. Blonde, blue-eyed Betsy and her best friend, adorable dark-haired Carol, are big, beautiful dolls created by artist Barbara Briggs. This re-issued vintage classic is filled with 24 cute outfits, mostly classic dresses with puff sleeves and full skirts, sweaters and smart coats for rain or chill. Betsy and Carol also have charming costumes for play and dress-up that include a Dutch girl outfit, a Scottish kilt ensemble and fairy tale gowns.

A nostalgic look at bygone childhood fashions and fun that will bring back memories to some and surprise those who missed the innocent charm of being a mid-century little girl. A vintage reprint by Paper Studio Press.


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