Jim Dandy Paper Dolls by Norma Lu Meehan

  • Model: Jim Howard & his wardrobe
Fashion illustrator Jim Howard, now a successful paper doll artist, is a god to every fashion illustrator. His dramatic work during his long reign as the country’s top fashion artist was admired and imitated. Not only is Jim’s work artful and fashionable, but so is the man himself.

Artist, friend and fan, Norma Lu Meehan (a mega-talent herself), so admires Jim personally that she has created a very special limited edition paper doll book, Jim Dandy. It features the famed illustrator himself and four pages of real-life outfits he has worn with unique flair and plenty of personal pizzazz. This unique book will be appreciated by fans of Jim Howard and admirers of Norma Lu Meehan’s artistry, a tribute to their friendship. Personal photos and samples of Jim's fashion illustrations are included in this limited edition printing of 250 copies.


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