Hollywood in Hoopskirts Paper Dolls

Hollywood in Hoopskirts Paper Dolls
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  • Model: Glorious gowns from famous films
Historic movies with period costumes are the inspiration for this lovely paper doll book by artist and fashion antiquarian Brenda Sneathen Mattox. Two pretty paper dolls are waiting to be cut-out so that they can don costumes from some of Hollywood's most romantic movies including Gone with the Wind, Reap the Wild Wind, Madame Bovary, Secrets, Suez, The King and I, San Francisco and The Old Maid.

Each of the book's beautifully illustrated pages spotlights a glorious hoopskirt costume posed in front of painted scenery that evokes the historic mood of an epic film. This book, one of an on-going Paper Studio Press series of Hollywood-inspired paper dolls, will enchant collectors of paper dolls, movie buffs and fashion history enthusiasts.


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