School Friends Paper Dolls

School Friends Paper Dolls
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  • Model: Super cute vintage clothes!
Remember the days when kids dressed up for school? You won't find pajama pants or sweatshirts in this delightful 1950s reproduction paper doll book. A boy, Bobbie, and two girls, Kitty and Laurie, have more than 36 adorable outfits plus lots of accessories for school, play, dress-up and nighttime.

Kitty's clothes include a dotted Swiss party dress, a navy dress and bonnet for church, a precious plaid coat, an apron for baking gingerbread cookies, a smock for art projects, a Bo-Peep costume for dress-up, and a sailor dress and dolly with matching dress! Her best friend Laurie, has a pretty pink party dress, a Gypsy costume for dress-up, a calico blouse with coordinating skirt and a play smock complete with scissors for cutting out paper dolls. For school, Bobbie wears brown shorts with a blue sweater and even a bow tie, he has a yellow rain slicker and a cowboy outfit for dress-up. There are more than 60 items in all for hours of paper play.

This charming paper doll book helps recall the sweeter times of yesteryear. A treat for collectors and a fun way to introduce paper dolls to children of today.


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