OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Issue 115 - Menswear

  • Model: Menswear
We've got a dandy selection of paper dolls in this super big, super cool issue! More than 30 artists participated in our Menswear theme providing more than 30 paper dolls and 54 dress-a-doll outfits ranging from fancy fashions of yesteryear to classic film styles to functional clothes of today.

For our cover, featured artist, Guillermo Medina, pays tribute to Clark Gable, and we get to see many examples of his caricature style paper dolls of classic stars including Lana Turner, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, Grace Kelly, Shirley MacLaine and Lucille Ball.

David Wolfe spotlights three dandy dressers: Louis XIV, Beau Brummell and the Duke of Windsor. He also offers a review of LA County Menswear Exhibit, and gives us a step-by-step lesson on how he creates a paper doll. Linda Hoerner offers some food for thought for artists, and Linda Ocasio provides a fun-filled report of the 2016 Phoenix Paper Doll Convention.

This great big, 64 page, full-color issue is a must-have!


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