Big n Little Sister Paper Dolls

  • Model: Matching clothes for sisters
Back in 1951 when this paper doll book was originally published, big and little sisters liked to dress alike. The fashions of that time were always age appropriate and that meant sweetly pretty styles that were worn by both teens and little girls.

This charming book, beautifully painted with fashionable flair, turns back the clock to a fashion time long before Madonna and rocker chicks influenced style. There are two big sister dolls and their two adorable little sisters. Eight pages are filled with pretty party dresses, cute cowgirl outfits, classic classroom clothes, perky playwear and more. And of course, every outfit comes in two sizes so that big sister and little sister can dress exactly alike, all around the clock. This reproduction vintage book is a real collector’s item and a rosy reminder of how times…and fashion…have changed in four decades.


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