PD Review Magazine Issue 73 - Playmates, Eve Arden, Saalfield

  • Model: Plus PDs from Denmark & more
For issue 73, our paper dolls have friends in Tamara Gerard's article on paper dolls with "Playmate" in the title... there are a ton of them! Our new associate editor Lorna Currie Thomopoulos offers two colorful articles, one on Japanese Royalty and one on Twinkle comics. David Wolfe puts the spotlight on wisecracking star Eve Arden, Martha Raively takes a trip to the Saalfield Archives at Kent State University, and Marilyn Henry shows three pop-up paper doll books from Denmark: Vivi, Mimi and Bibi. This issue also features two full-page collectible paper dolls by Helen Page, a cute Cherrie Pie paper doll by Amy Bloom and a glamorous Eve Arden by David Wolfe. Plus our Readers Page, New Books Page and more!


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