Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 76

Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 76
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  • Model: Bunnies, Robin Hood, Scouting
We've got another lively edition packed with nostalgic paper dolls and articles! Marilyn Henry highlights two of her favorite subjects—bunny paper dolls and Hollywood's dancing duo, Marge & Gower Champion. Lorna Currie Thomopoulos takes us to Sherwood Forest for her article on Robin Hood and the many paper dolls depicting Robin Hood, Maid Marian and Merry Men.

Jill Kaar Hanson grew up in a Scouting family and eagerly shares the history of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and other volunteer organizations. And Martha Raively gives us a surprise look inside some books. Plus a variety of tidbits on our Reader's Page, New Books, and a two-page paper doll of Marge & Gower Champion by Marilyn Henry.


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