PD Review Magazine issue 78 - Marilyn Henry Tribute, Antique PDs

  • Model: Plus Elizabeth Montgomery, more
This is truly one of our most special issues featuring a heartfelt tribute to Marilyn Henry with memories from her sons Scott and Blaine and many of her dear friends and fans. On the cover is Marilyn's beautiful portrait of Vivien Leigh. Her Vivien paper dolls and movie costumes are shown on the back and inside.

We also have a variety of articles from several wonderful contributors! Karen Kurtz presents antique dolls and their paper dolls. Jill Kaar Hanson shows us what's on the flip side of antique magazine paper dolls. Greg Urbach shows off some fun paper dolls from the Flash Gordon comic series. And Lorna Thomopoulos puts the spotlight on Elizabeth Montgomery and her Bewitched paper dolls, and dishes on the royals Edward and Sophie, Earl and Countess of Wessex.

We have two new features: "Let's Play Paper Dolls" and "Paper Dolls in the Wild." Plus tips and tidbits on our Readers Page, Lettie Lane Christmas paper doll and more!


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