Back Issue Bargain Bundle #2 - 5 issues for $15 - limited!

Back Issue Bargain Bundle #2 - 5 issues for $15 - limited!
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  • Model: Magazine issues 55,56,57,65,69
Grab some back issues for a bargain! Five fantastic issues for $15: Paperdoll Review issues 55, 56, 57, 65 and 69. Limited - 8 bundles available.

Paperdoll Review Issue 55: This issue offers a potpourri of paper doll subjects. Marilyn Henry offers a wonderful look at a rare 1930s paper doll book called Doll Town, illustrated by Rachel Taft Dixon. Tamara Gerard takes us to the circus with an in-depth article and lots of paper doll examples. David Wolfe puts the spotlight on movie star Ann Blyth and Karen Reilly provides a full color collectible paper doll of Joan Blondell. Early illustrator Edna Cooke, a how-to on journaling with paper dolls, and a charming piece on Paper Dolls and Their Paper Pups. Plus... In the Kitchen with Nell, Ned and Dolly Dingle, Book Reviews, paper doll memories from our readers and more.

Paperdoll Review Issue 56: Annette Funicello, Babes in Toyland. Marilyn Henry talks about Hollywood Fashions, a rare paper doll book featuring a fantastic 1930s wardrobe. Marilyn also tells the story of the folks who live on Cherry Road, from Jack and Jill Magazine. Nanny paper dolls, "Little Booklets for Little Folks" from The Delineator

Paperdoll Review issue 57: Cultural costumes of European and Scandinavian countries, Fluffy Ruffles, the Robin Hall series from Jack and Jill. Paper Doll Houses, Double Wedding, Dinah Shore, 2013 Los Angeles Paper Doll Convention.

Paperdoll Review issue 65: Another delightful issue with a wonderful mix of articles. Marilyn talks about collecting paper doll series, and shows some special items from her own collection including Tiny in Tinytown, The Paper Playhouse and The Delineator Children's Theatre. Linda Ocasio's piece on Advertising Dolls is a delight, with intriguing examples from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. We also feature Teen Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls with Interchangeable Heads, Artist Betty Campbell and the 2016 Phoenix Paper Doll Convention Report. We have three pages of full color collectible paper dolls; Rastus from Good Housekeeping's Little Louise series and a 2-page set of Ann Blyth by Marilyn Henry.

Paperdoll Review issue 69: Toys for Paper Dolls, Party-Themed Paper Dolls, Paper Dolls Inspired by Books, Alley Oop, June Allyson, and much more! Back cover paper doll by Marilyn Henry in honor of her favorite book character, Lady Georgiana "Georgie" Rannoch of the "Her Royal Spyness" series by Rhys Bowen.


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