PD Review Magazine issue 81 - Accessories, Pop-Ups, Annie Oakley

  • Model: Includes a fun dress-a-doll
Here's a fun, colorful issue covering a wide variety of topics... all relating to paper dolls! For our featured theme, Accessories, we've got David Wolfe’s spotlight on Iris Apfel, Brenda Mattox’s history of hats, and Lorna tops things off with a piece on tiaras. We also have a fun look at pop-up paper dolls from Louise Leek, an overview of Grandparent paper dolls from Marguerite Carrithers, a piece on Annie Oakley from Evelyn Bradmon and an artist spotlight on Linda Norton and her whimsical creations.

Full-page paper dolls include Betty Bonnet's Grandparents from 1917, Iris Apfel by Jim Howard, and "Brooches" by Melissa Pepe. Plus a gallery of Accessories-themed paper dolls and 6 pages of costumes for our Accessories Dress-a-Doll! There's so much to enjoy in our gorgeous 48-page magazine... all for just $8!


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