Paperdoll Review Magazine Issue 45

  • Model: Royalty, Glasses, Coles Phillips
The modern monarchy is discussed in our feature article by special contributor Lorna Currie Thomopoulos of Great Britian. Lorna fills us in on all the lives of kings, queens, princes and princesses representing the 12 monarchies across Europe. Many paper dolls are shown including several unique paper dolls of royal figures form foreign magazines.

Next, Gina Clarke takes a unique look at paper dolls, focusing on glasses wearing paper dolls. Not many have shown up through the decades, but we have several nice examples, including Mrs. Beasley of course. In her hunt for pretty paper dolls, Marilyn Henry discovered a number of lovely paper dolls from the Current Company, so she did some research and shares her findings with us. Our featured artist is the tremendously talented Coles Phillips whose art graced the covers of women's magazines in the early part of the 20th century. We also have a collector profile of Patricia Corte Rooney by Linda Ocasio, a look at the movie "Holiday Inn" and it's companion paper doll book called "Hollywood Personalities," plus new books, the readers page and more.

Shown on the cover is Queen Elizabeth I by Danish artist Bente Fredsoe and the back cover has a paper doll of Princess Victoria of Sweden by Bruce Patrick Jones.


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