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A wonderfully nostalgic magazine for those who love paper dolls! Each issue is a treasure, filled with beautifully designed pages containing well-researched articles, vintage paper dolls, nostalgic stories, convention and club info, new books, and so much more.

Starting with issue 79, Paperdoll Review merged with OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio so now there's even more to enjoy! We've added pages for theme articles and paper dolls, dress-a-dolls, how-tos and artist features.

Not available on the newsstand, this unique publication is truly a collectors item. A 4-issue subscription, issues are mailed approximately every three months.

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Although most back issues are out of print, we're happy to provide a Paperdoll Review Magazine Index. A terrific resource for long-time subscribers and a fun look at the variety of items we've covered since our very first issue in 1992.

Testimonials from our wonderful readers:

I have learned so much about the history of paper dolls. I especially appreciate the information about the artists (often uncredited) who created them! I also appreciate your commitment to reprinting old paper doll books and publishing the wonderful new artists too! I hope to one day be able to attend your convention, too! Sounds like a lot of fun. Kathy, St. Anne, IL

Thank you for bringing so much joy to all of us with your wonderful magazine. Thanks for all your hard work! Nancy, Madrid, IA

I can’t believe how beautiful these issues are! I do love reading and re-reading each of them. I gather from your letters that I am one of many who save every issue and treasure them. Nancy, Walnut Creek, CA

What an amazingly beautiful issue of Paperdoll Review. It made me wish I was 9 years old and could look at it and cut out dolls and fashions all day. Mel, New York, NY

I feel the way your other readers feel. Your magazine always lifts my mood and makes me happy just looking through it. Susanna, Broad Brook, CT

I love Paperdoll Review and thank you for bringing back a joy of my childhood! Karen, Lexington, MA

I want to take a little time to tell you how much I LOVE Paperdoll Review. I read it cover to cover. I love how every issue is so historically informative while maintaining a bit of whimsy and humor. A true delight. Charlotte, Lamoni, IA

Please extend my Paperdoll Review—smile-inducing, rejuvenating, nostalgic— subscription for another year. No therapy, no prescriptions, no tension-release exercises necessary! Just me, my paper dolls and my stack of Paperdoll Reviews. A heartfelt thank you for this joy on paper! Penny, Rochester, MN


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