OPDAG - Paper Doll Studio Issue 110 - Fashions Round the World

  • Model: Fashions 'Round the World
From traditional ethnic costumes to exotic movie clothes to modern fashions of today, more than 30 artists represent countries and regions across the globe. More than 50 paper dolls are on display, showcasing fashions from England, Ireland, France, Denmark, Japan, Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and much more.

Our featured artists is Ted Menten, who created beautiful covers with a fashion model who wears traditional fashions from Hawaii, France, Norway and Mexico. In David's "Miscasting Call" article, he talks about actors miscast in ethnic roles for classic films. He includes a paper doll of Katharine Hepburn, famously miscast as a Chinese peasant girl in "Dragon Seed." David also offers fitting tips for paper doll costumes.

Kwei-lin Lum shares her recent art and fashion adventures in the Los Angeles area with a piece on encaustic paper dolls and a report on Costume College. And Yvonne Fullingim provides a paper doll and article on "Men in Skirts." Plus we have a glorious 2-page, black-and-white centerfold, "Medieval Fantasy," paper doll by Helen Page for OPDAG members to enjoy.


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