Hollywood Couturier by David Wolfe

  • Model: Chic fashions of the '40s-50s
The Golden Age of Hollywood produced a parade of glamorous stars, always dressed to perfection whether on or off the screen. As an homage to designers such as Adrian, Edith Head and Walter Plunkett, artist and fashion historian David Wolfe created his own Hollywood-chic wardrobe under the guise of Jerrold de Wolfe, a make-believe couturier of the 1940s and '50s.

The stylish collection offers voluminous gowns such as "The Peppermint Float," "Vintage Champagne" and "Rainbow Room"; slinky dresses including "Golden Goddess" and "Premiere Rose" and "Rambling Rose"; and extravagant ensembles such as "Flamingo Fandango." There are three dolls (Jerrold, Josephine Janine) and 10 pages of clothes containing 45 fashion items. A charming interview with Louella Parsnips tells the tale of Jerrold, his chic Palm Springs salon, and his sisters/model muses, Josephine and Janine.


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