Jane Withers Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

Jane Withers Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney
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  • Model: Fun Hollywood Collectible!
Grow up with Jane Withers! Legendary paper doll artist Tom Tierney depicts Jane as a young radio performer, child film star, teen star, adult actress and product pitchwoman. Jane's delightful wardrobe will appeal to fans of classic Hollywood and fans of paper dolls!

First we have 5-year-old as Dixie's Dainty Dewdrop, hosting her own radio show, doing songs and impressions. The next doll represents her very successful career as a 1930s child star with costumes from Ginger, Paddy O'Day, This is the Life, Can This Be Dixie, Always in Trouble, Rascals, and Bright Eyes, which was her first big role, costarring with Shirley Temple. The teen Jane doll wears clothes from her early 1940s roles in High School, A Very Young Lady, Johnny Doughboy and My Best Gal. Grown-up Jane dresses as Josephine the Plumber, the famous pitchwoman for Comet Cleanser. She also wears lovely outfits from her role in Giant, the 1956 film starring Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean. Jane Withers herself provided the photos to match up with the 19 costumes beautifully rendered by Tom Tierney.

Included is a mini-biography by Marilyn Henry. The cover art is by Bob Harman. After a very long delay, we're so happy this book is finally in print! Enjoy!


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