Betty Garrett Film Fashions by Marilyn Henry

  • Model: Classic Hollywood Collectible
We're big fans of Betty Garrett here at Paperdoll Review! She's a terrific actress, singer and dancer, and doesn't get the credit she deserves compared to her costars. Typically playing second fiddle to the leading lady, Betty Garrett added a delightful comedic component to her films. In this collectible book, Marilyn Henry provides a wardrobe for some of Betty's memorable roles:

As Brunhilde Esterhazy in On the Town (1949) with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Ann Miller, Jules Munshin and Vera-Ellen.

As Ruth Sherwood in My Sister Eileen (1955) with Janet Leigh, Jack Lemmon, Bob Fosse and Tommy Rall.

As Betty Barrett in Neptune's Daughter (1949) with Esther Williams, Red Skelton and Ricardo Montalban.

As Peggy Lorgan McNeil in Words and Music (1948) with a big all star cast including June Allyson, Perry Como, Judy Garland, Lena Horne, Gene Kelly, Mickey Rooney and Ann Sothern.


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