Tulip O'Brien's Cut-Out Club novel & paper dolls by David Wolfe

  • Model: Big 140 page book!
Experience paper dolls in a whole new way with this delightful chapter book AND paper doll book by David Wolfe! The 140-page book includes 5 full-color paper dolls and 9 pages of clothes to color, cut and dress! Aimed at readers age 8-12, the story is most enjoyable for any age!

Four youngsters, entering 7th grade in 1993, are quirky, bright, funny kids who live in the not-affluent neighborhood in the small town of Garfield, Ohio. Tulip O’Brien, the main character, is highly imaginative, the leader of this little group that includes Brenda, a cheerleader and aspiring model; Freddie, who loves drawing and musical theater; and Winsome, the new girl in town. They are not the most popular kids in a class ruled by Katherine Bannister, the daughter of the town’s richest family. Tulie lives with her hard-working mother and her eccentric grandmother who introduces paper dolls to the youngsters. They become intrigued with the creative possibilities of this old fashioned, low-tech past time and form a paper doll club.

The storyline follows Tulie’s realization that her own home-made paper dolls are more valuable to her than the enviable and expensive “fashion dolls” belonging to Katherine. Tulie and Katherine, enemies when the story begins, become friends. It is a humorous and sentimental story of friendship and positive multi-generational relationships.


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