A Steampunk Tale: Paper Dolls and Storybook by Charlotte Whatley

  • Model: Steampunk Paper Dolls!
Imaginative artist Charlotte Whatley’s combination paper doll and storybook brings a trio of eccentric characters to life as she spins a tale of witty adventures, romantic moments and curious encounters. In the eight-page storybook, you'll meet part-time poet Finley "Fin" Lanbroke, aerialist turned seamstress Avery Tiptree, and Professor Watts... a most curious canine. The extravagant Steampunk outfits (including a dandy wardrobe for the talking, professorial dog) take the three friends on adventures from the seashore to the airways, all created in steampunk style—a creative combination of science fiction, fantasy and Victorian-era fashions. 

This special edition, "A Steampunk Tale of the Curious Canine, "His Best Friend and the Lady Who Flew," from Paper Studio Press, is a delight for grown-ups as well as kids, an exquisitely rendered work of art and wild imaginings by a talented artist/author.


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