Lady Worthington World Traveler by Deanna Williams

  • Model: Early 20th century styles
Take a trip with Lady Worthington at a time when grand ladies enjoyed adventurous travels all around the world accompanied by dozens of trunks and hatboxes. Lady Worthington’s travel wardrobe includes elegantly tailored daywear and frivolous frocks for important occasions. The Grand Tour starts in Paris, then on to Berlin, Moscow, Egypt, Africa, Rome, Athens, India, China and New York. Bon voyage, Lady Worthington!

Long-time editor of the specialty paper doll magazine, "Cornerstones," Deanna created wonderful paper dolls, too. She covered just about any topic imaginable, sold in very limited quantities of around 6-10 copies, each hand colored. Recently we partnered with Deanna’s sister, Janet, to transform some of her fabulous sets into paper doll books.

"Lady Worthington World Traveler" ships late September, advance orders welcome.


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