Stopover Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney

  • Model: International Fashions
Come fly with Tom Tierney's Stopover Paper Dolls! The latest paper doll book from famed artist Tom Tierney turns back the calendar to a time when jet set travel was shrinking the globe and careers in the air were the epitome of glamour.

A trio of paper doll friends get their wings (and smart uniforms) as stewardesses and a pilot. Then they take off for 8 pages of whirlwind travels with stopovers in New York, Dallas, Paris, Madrid, Morocco, Tokyo, Honolulu, India and China. Each stopover means a fashion souvenir outfit or two. There are 21 outfits in all including classic airline uniforms of the 1950s.

You don't need a passport to enjoy being an armchair traveller, jet-setting around the world with this charming new paper doll book from Paper Studio Press.


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