Santa Claws Woodland Paper Dolls & Play Set by Alina Kolluri

  • Model: Santa Claws, Deer, Trim-a-Tree
Celebrate Christmas any time of year with Santa Claws and his woodland friends! Stop by the Christmas Photo Booth for a photo with Santa Claws! Davy Deer is the photographer with his old fashioned camera. Dress Davy in stylish outfits including a Christmas coat, warm sweater and a union suit! At bedtime, Davy can have a blueberry snack and cuddle under his quilt... after brushing his teeth of course! On cold nights, he can warm up with a water bottle and light the candle in his lantern.

You'll find the Quacker Family out at the ice skating rink. And Mr. Quacker brought his sled. When they're done playing, they'll have tea and gingerbread cookies on their tree stump table. The set includes a Christmas tree for you to decorate and lots of presents for the little Quackers and the other woodland friends!

Four 8.5 x 11 inch pages presented in plastic sleeves. This cute paper doll playset can be combined with others in Alina's Woodland Friends series!


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