Jane Austen Fan Club Paper Dolls by Alina Kolluri

  • Model: 100+ Fashions and Accessories!
Play Regency dress-up with a big, beautiful wardrobe by Alina Kolluri! Three Jane Austen Fan Club friends dress up as Miss Priscilla Primrose, Lady Lavinia Lovingly and Miss Tessa Truehart, characters inspired by Jane Austen novels.

Even if you're not a Jane Austen fan, there's so much to enjoy—more than two dozen pretty dresses plus tons of hats, bonnets, handbags and other charming accessories, props and pets—100+ items in all! But the ladies are not alone! Included are three gentlemen callers—Lord Edward B. Dashing, Sir Simon Swoonworthy and Mr. Peter Tentrees Gentleman Farmer. This super-sized book contains a whole world of entertainment, harking back to a gentle time of friendships, matchmaking and maybe a bit of meddling.

Artist Alina Kolluri is a huge fan of Jane Austen's books and film adaptations. But she is an even bigger fan of movies depicting fans of Jane Austen's books! This whimsical book pays homage to her favorite, the 2013 romantic comedy Austenland, starring Keri Russell as a fan who takes a dream vacation to an immersive Jane Austen theme park. Now, with this delightful paper doll book, you'll be immersed in your own Jane Austen story!


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