2022 Convention Souvenirs! Absentee Pack - Very Limited!

2022 Convention Souvenirs! Absentee Pack - Very Limited!
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Attending a paper doll convention is the ultimate way to enjoy paper dolls... and spend time with paper doll friends! But if you can’t make it, you can still be a part of the fun with an absentee registration.

We are so excited to present this year’s souvenir collection inspired by the convention’s theme, “Tell Me a Story.” The absentee pack will include spectacular souvenir books and sets and a fun color-n-cut set... In all, there are 16 paper dolls by 16 fabulous artists! Paper dolls were created to fit the various theme nights: Mad Hatter's Tea Party, Chapter Books, Name That Genre, and A Fine Romance.

Included in the line-up are Brenda Mattox’s “Dragonwyck,” David Wolfe’s “Mapp and Lucia,” Norma Lu Meehan's "World of Downton Abbey," and Bruce Patrick Jones’ “Playing Dress-Up with Five Fabled Authors.” Kwei-lin Lum, Cory Jensen and Julie Allen Matthews have each done a clever take on "Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party." And Guillem Medina has taken on Harry Potter! There are delightful sets of paper dolls based on Chapter Books including "Coraline" by Tracy Williams, "Eloise" by Patricia Corte Rooney, "Favorite Characters" by Karen Hunter, "Stories I Love" by Andrea Helen Smith, and "Shirley Temple's Favorite Tales" by Marilyn Henry. For the grand finale, Eileen Rudisill Miller presents a spectacular book featuring “The Great Romances in Literature.” Plus a 9-page color-n-cut set based on beloved characters from favorite stories by Larry Bassin. Just a few of the wonderful paper dolls are shown here, so you can be surprised by the rest!

The souvenirs have been printed so the availability is very limited. On behalf of convention hosts Jill Kaar Hanson and Jerry Hanson, Paperdoll Review is pleased to accept Absentee Registration orders.

Price includes US shipping. OVERSEAS customers: additional shipping fee required.


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