OPDAG Back Issue Bargain Bundle #78 - issues 66,68,69,74,83,92

  • Model: 6 issues from 2001-2008
Winter Cleaning Special! We've found some extra copies of older back issues of OPDAG’s Paper Doll News/Studio Magazine. To free up some space we're offering Back Issue Bargain Bundles! Issues are around 36-48 pages and contain a variety of articles, theme paper dolls and artist features. From Issue 96 on, our issues are full color! A brief summary is provided for each issue, but there's much more to discover! Many issues are out of print so these bundles are a super opportunity to get special collector’s items! Some issues may show shelf wear, discoloring or markings.

OPDAG Issue 66, 2001 - Dolls & Teddy Bears themed paper dolls, featured artist Lauren Welker, How to Draw PDs, Reproduction and Pricing Tips, Doll and Paper Doll Connections, full color PD by Lucinda Durbin, more.

OPDAG Issue 68, 2001 - Silent Films/Early American Theater, featured artist Barbara Herwood, Marilyn Henry Talks About the Silent Film Era, 2001 Eugene OR Convention Report, Full Color Mary Pickford PD by Brenda Sneathen Mattox, more!

OPDAG Issue 69, 2002 - The Little Cocktail Dress themed PDs, featured artist Alina Kolluri, dress-a-doll, history of the little black dress, paper dolls on the Internet, full color fashion PD by Norma Lu Meehan, much more!

OPDAG Issue 74, 2003 - Vintage TV paper dolls, Brenda’s TV memories, Tips from Tom Tierney, California & Denver PA PD party reviews, color PD by Kwei-lin Lum, Cover art by David Wolfe (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and Christine Scarlett (The Golden Girls). More.

OPDAG Issue 83, 2005 - Carnivale! OPDAG's Paper Doll Studio issue #83 celebrates Carnivale with a variety of fun paper dolls by OPDAG members. Includes a dress a doll, a feature on Carmen Miranda by David Wolfe, a piece on Carnivale Around the World by Sherry West and the 2005 LA Paper Doll Convention Report. The featured artist is Laura Snow, who created a pretty full color Samba Queen paper doll for the collectible color insert.

OPDAG Issue 92, 2009 - Broadway. Featured Artist, Gregg Nystrom, kicks things off with a fun, colorful cover paper doll of Anita Page and Bessie Love in "Broadway Melody." David Wolfe takes a look at Broadway designer Irene Sharaff. Carol Peters talks about the history of Broadway and her experience of creating a famous showgirl paper doll set. Sylvia Kleindinst gives us a report of the 2008 convention in Piscataway, New Jersey. And Johana Anderton offers 18 tips from the drawing table.


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