Royal Princesses of the 20th Century by David Wolfe

  • Model: Real princesses and wardrobe!
Celebrate real-life princesses in a regal book of paper dolls! Artist David Wolfe represents five princesses—Alexandra, Anne, Grace, Margaret Rose and Diana and 23 meticulously researched outfits.

There are three princesses from the house of Windsor: Diana, remembered as The People's Princess; Margaret Rose, the trend-setting sister of Queen Elizabeth II; and Anne, the Princess Royal, Elizabeth's only daughter and an Olympic equestrian. Former '50s Hollywood movie star, Grace Kelly became Princess of Monaco when she wed reigning ruler Prince Rainier a true fairy tale event televised to a huge global audience. Princess Alexandra of Denmark married Edward VII, becoming Princess of Wales, and in 1901, upon the death of Queen Victoria, she was crowned queen consort of the British Empire and Empress of India.

Included in this historic book is a royal essay by fashion historian Amanda Hallay.


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