Katy Keene Swimsuit Illustrated Paper Dolls

  • Model: Queen of the Comics!
Our favorite fashionable queen of the comics, Katy Keene, is back! As our most requested subject, we're thrilled to offer this special anniversary edition of Katy Keene Paper Dolls. Published in 1995 and illustrated by John Lucas, this book provides a wonderful wardrobe of swimwear for a pretty Katy Keene doll.

Inspired by submissions from fans, there are nine pages of swimsuits including beach bloomers of the 1800s, bathing togs of the Roaring '20s and Flirty '30s, bombshell bikinis of the '50s, groovy garments of the '60s and '70s and edgy ensembles of the '80s.

Among the 39 costumes, you'll find some familiar swimsuits such as Esther William's gold swimsuit from Neptune's Mermaid, Barbie's 1959 black and white bathing suit, Marilyn Monroe's 1954 Calendar Girl swimsuit, a bikini with body painting made popular by Goldie Hawn on TV's Laugh-In, Jane Fonda's work-out suit, and even two extravagant costumes inspired by Cher! Theme swimsuits include cowgirl, the tropics, the kitchen, winter wonderland, butterflies, roses, Valentines, diamonds, and outer space! Katy can also go on undersea adventures with two diving costumes in the style of Captain Nemo and Scooby Doo.

Long out of print, we're so pleased to have this wonderful paper doll available for our Paperdoll Review customers.


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