Paper Doll Artists Gallery


Model: 22 paper dolls by 22 artists

A very special collection of paper dolls by artists of today. Sponsored by the Original Paper Doll Artists Guild (OPDAG), 22 paper dolls by 22 artists are shown in full color, representing a wide variety of subjects and fashion eras including children, fashionable ladies, fanciful fairies, brides, cultural fashions, and contemporary designs.

This impressive collaboration includes top paper doll artists and newcomers: Johana Anderton, Rebecca Baier, Larry Bassin, Ange Boursiquot, Michel-Victor Gdanov, Marilyn Henry, Judy M Johnson, Sylvia Kleindinst, Basia Koenig, Brenda Sneathen Mattox, Mary Mauritz, Kwei-lin Lum, Judy McDonald, Norma Lu Meehan, Dorte Meiling Nielsen, Pat Scarbrough, Laura Snow, Tom Tierney, Tere Tronson, Sandra Vanderpool, David Wolfe, Bobby Wyckoff. Edited by OPDAG publisher, Jenny Taliadoros.

The Paper Doll Artists Gallery . . .

A wonderful compilation of art for collectors.

A great way to introduce someone new to paper dolls.

Frame the pages for a fun way to decorate a room.

Cut out the paper dolls and costumes and play paper dolls!

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